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Foreign Languages and Localization

Incorporating foreign languages into the design of electronic documents is a specialist skill all by itself. We have extensive experience working in a variety of languages including a couple of the trickier ones: Arabic and Russian. Each poses its own challenges which have to be taken into account throughout the design and production stages.


At a basic level, translation is a more or less mechanical exercise - one word for another. Our skill is in taking your existing marketing material and localising the message so that it works just as well in the UK market as it does at home. We transliterate scores of pages for Witt, one of the biggest mail order players in the German market, to ensure their sales messages appeal to the UK market.

Remote Working/ International Liaison

Remote working is all part of the challenge and poses no problem for us. We’re as happy to liaise with your colleagues and our contractors abroad, as we are to deal with clients and suppliers here. In fact, many of our clients are international organisations, with offices all over the world.

We regularly produce entire projects without ever meting face-to-face. Images and text arrive from all corners of the world; proofs are exchanged and approved via e-mail and the web; and we deliver finished products to all sorts of places. Design and production of Shell in the CIS is a good example.