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Design for Print

Good design has to fit the medium

Web design, modern typefaces and new printing technologies have conspired to blur the edges when it comes to assessing good design. They shouldn't!

In today's competitive market place the principals of creative design and good typography are even more important than they've ever been. Designing with a specific medium in mind ensures the finished product will work to its maximum. Strategic thinking, good photography, focused copy and astute printing knowledge are all important to the overall impact and success of a project.

We understand the different requirements of brochure design, catalogue design and web site design. And, we understand the importance of building long term relationships which enable us to further understand our clients' business and be pro-active in our approach.

Even so...

It’s all very well telling you about our professional design and production service; you want to see that we have experience of communicating brands successfully. Browse the NHA Projects section to discover more.