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Brochure Design

NHA is a specialist brochure design company based in London

The best brochure design relies on far more than just good design: strategic thinking, good photography, focused copy and astute printing knowledge are equally important to the overall impact and success of any brochure design project.

On the face of it you might think brochure design and catalogue design are the same thing. Not so. Brochure design requires a different set of skills and expertise to catalogue design.

NHA Design Blog feature: Brochure or Catalogue? What's the Difference?

Long Term Relationships

We have built up an enormous wealth of experience on just how the various components interact to produce successful marketing material - talk to NHA and see what our passion for good design and understanding of the whole marketing process can do for your business.

We prefer to build long term relationships with our clients, developing a real feel for their challenges and problems, and providing a highly professional and flexible, pro-active service.

Remote Working/International Liaison

Remote working is all part of the challenge and poses no problem for us. We’re as happy to liaise with your colleagues and our contractors abroad, as we are to deal with clients and suppliers here. In fact, many of our clients are international organisations with offices all over the world.

We regularly produce entire projects without ever meeting face-to-face. Images and text arrive from all corners of the world; proofs are exchanged and approved via e-mail and the web; and we deliver finished products to all sorts of places. Design and production of Shell in the CIS is a good example.

Even so…

It’s all very well telling you about our professional design and production service; you want to see that we have experience of communicating brands successfully. Browse the NHA Projects section to discover more.