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School Prospectus

Educational Marketing Material

NHA has wide experience of producing educational marketing material for schools and colleges. This ranges from prep schools to 6th form colleges and includes the school prospectus, school magazines, school journals and course programmes – some schools feel that sophisticated and elegant is right for them, others feel child-centric is more appropriate. We do both.

Often the first point of reference when choosing a school or college is the school prospectus or school magazine. It’s probably a truism to say that first impressions count so from a design point of view it’s important to project the right message. This can vary hugely and there is no “correct” strategy other then being truthful and, of course, scrupulously careful about data protection.

School Prospectus Design

The design and execution of your school prospectus needs to be carefully considered to instantly transmit the ethos, aims and benefits of your school or college. To achieve this, we spend time ensuring we have a thorough grasp of the details that will make your school stand out from the competition.

A good school prospectus needs to provide the obvious student and parent information but, more importantly perhaps, it's a statement about your school and should communicate just the right message to prospective parents


You may have the ability to produce artwork suitable for printing within your school, in which case we can help you ensure you get possible printed result. Alternatively we can provide a complete design, editing, photography, artwork and print service – the choice is yours.

Here, for example, are spreads from two very different magazines we produce for prep schools.

school prospectus

School magazine: NHA design and artwork for St Philips School

school magazine design

School magazine: client artwork, tweaked and printed by NHA for Garden House School

You'll find more examples of our school and college expertise here >>.

To discuss how NHA might be able to help you, talk to Peter Jones on 01732 867015 or email him.

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